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extra large art work,From September 3rd to Oct 3rd, 2017, “Noble and Simple-Xu Ming Oil Painting Exhibit” was held at Xixi Yide Artwork Art gallery, Zero. 738 Wen Ser Western world Street, Hangzhou. Large Abstract Artwork

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Vice Leader of China Oil Painting Culture, Deputy Director of the Essential oil Painting Artwork Committee of China Performers Association, Famous Designer Quan Shanshi, Dean of Zhejiang Academy of Painting, Skillet Honghai, Past Vice Chief executive of Cina Academy of Good Disciplines, Famous Essential oil Artist Bai Renhai, Former Cina Almost 100 people including creative celebrities such as the director of the Oil Painting Section of the Academy of Fine Arts, the popular musician Hu Zhenyu, the dean of the Painting Academy of the China Academy of Art, and superstars who love art, attended the starting ceremony of the painting.

Abstract Painting CanvasAbstract Painting Canvas contemporary abstract canvas art.

Xu Ming has been focusing on classical practical essential oil painting for many years, and he provides been unique among contemporary Chinese language realist artists with basic and processed portraits. Its freehand brushwork, mysterious and ethereal creative pregnancy and vivid imagination have successfully portrayed modern people’s mental state and considering about self-existence.

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large black and white artwork,This display chooses more than thirty masterpieces created by Xu Ming in recent years, some of which have been displayed and won awards in essential local artwork exhibitions. Some functions had been devoted to this exhibition and made their 1st public appearances. abstract painting wall art.

Xu Ming was delivered in Southeast Guizhou. He has a organic plan of concern for the Miao and Miao people in the mountains. The personality and future of the Miao people are the focus of his thinking. And the natural and natural beauty of the Miao Nu is definitely what fascinated him.

In addition, the “chair” series and “paper plane” series are his reflections and reflections on the internal mental condition of metropolitan females in actual existence.

Wall oil painting,The “Jiangnan Drinking water Village” series specifically developed for the art exhibition boldly soaked up some features of traditional Chinese language freehand painting. The implicit and inward manifestation provides reached a deep contract with the character of Chinese language “ink and clean” and is in the same vein as the poems and fact of Jiangnan.

On the one hand, he traced back again and investigated European classical oil art, and on the other hands, he produced advances and innovations under the grip of Chinese language and Western cultures.

The fine details in the picture can become careful without shedding the paintability, and the general features can be questionable but can withstand scrutiny. The basic quest of shape and light and darkness provides made those feminine numbers looking much away or contemplative in his art, mainly because well as the Jiangnan surroundings, which can be almost ink and flushes, have attained a classic and noble sublimation. The artist’s explanation of the image considerably from daily lifestyle offers made a particular sacred and pure spiritual sentiment, and after that purified and sublimated the spiritual sentiment of people. It presents a deep and strange, unique visual features and a simple but respectable religious temperament, which is normally refreshing.